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“The absolute best in GY! Tasty meals and snacks full of fresh spices. The quality, crunch, and flavor transports you to the streets of an Indian town, or a royal palace – all depending on what you order! #HappyCustomer”

- A. C. Lall

“The veggie samosas were delicious! So nice, I had them twice❤️😋😋”

- Carol Ann Marcus

“Your food is simply amazing!!!! The butter chicken will always hold a special place in my heart. WE really enjoyed the home cooked feel with the outstanding flavour! And the naan,,,omg. Awesome job!!!”

- Gerry Gouveia

“I’ve had the pleasure of ordering samosas from Saffron when they had just started a few years ago. It was delicious then and it’s still delicious now. Their food is consistent and their service is lovely. Happy to continue being a customer!”

- Jessica van Dijk

“I would without a doubt recommend the gulab jamun! I was craving it for a while and thankfully for them my craving was satisfied. It was the real deal. Can’t wait to try more of their Indian cuisine😊💕  I was pleased with everything!”

- Joanna Saskia

We loved everything! I asked my sister when she had the first taste and she said “oh god, this is heaven!” We loved it and the samosas were so good! Spicy, crunchy, and tasty! Thank you, your service is A1.

- Mandakinie Singh

Oh my goodness. It was heaven. Thank you so much. Everyone had a ball and enjoyed your food so much.

- Mira Commissiong

“Saffron Catering has made me fall in love with indian food and now I’m not sure how to control myself. Two of my favorites are the Burfi and omg the crispy bite sizes samosas (ate almost 2 dozens by myself) with the tamarind sauce. This is perfect for any event as an appetizer. I love that they offer different fillings for these. I definitely recommend Saffron Catering for big or small events since they are reliable and professional, but most importantly they love what they do. Which is making their customers happy!”

- Natalie Sanichar

“Your treats were very well good. And the presentation was excellent. Am happy I choosed you guys. I am satisfy.”

- Notaya Ferreira

Accommodating customer service and great tasting food! 5/5

- Pauline Chase

Thank you for my wonderful samosas. I truly enjoyed them. They were tasty, crisp, fresh and I couldn’t get enough. I will certainly be ordering more. Worth every cent.

- Rhonda Nelson

I must say the service was great and the food was amazing. The process was easy and I got my food nice and warm and nicely packaged. I will continue to order and for sure now a loyal customer because my taste buds craves it! Yum yum

- Roselyn Sewcharran

“Samosas were super delicious! I got them perfect all the way in Lethem! Customer service is amazing!”

- Shaliza Yarde

“Chicken samosas are just way too good. The bite size and the filling is just right. Neither too spicy nor too big. Looking forward to the next time.”

- Suyash Asthana

I order for business meetings and even for some of our tour guests and I must say their level of reliability and tasty food is never disappointing! Everything they make is absolutely delicious and I would recommend them to anyone.

- Wanderlust Adventures GY